Bias Speaks – Unconscious Bias

“We all use our individual frame of references and filters based on our upbringing, experience and values to make sense of and decisions in a very complex, fast moving world…this is normal human behavior”. 

We may tend to favor a fellow graduate,  prefer those with a similar culture or social background, or choose to associate with those who dress, talk, act or look like us. These are some examples of unconscious bias.

However, on the job, these unconscious bias can affect hiring, assignments, promotions, evaluations, dismissals, customer service, sales, revenue & profitability.

So when we think about the people we interact with in the jobs we do everyday…

  1. What can we do to avoid the negative impact or consequences?
  2. How can we become more self aware and learn to manage our filters?
  3. Why aren’t we more inclusive?
  4. How can we make the Unconscious Conscious?
  5. Can we really override our biases and rewire our brain?

What makes Altavis’ Unconscious Bias Training different from other training programs?

Altavis Consulting Unconscious Bias Training links unconscious bias to business results and provides actual tools for managing our own biases.
The  4 hour program design is tactical, practical, business and job relevant, safe and aligned with your organization’s vision, mission, values and business objectives.