Altavis Consulting has assisted D&I professionals in creating tailored sustainable and successful strategies. We begin by understanding your business goals and then assessing your needs to recommend a specifically designed, customized D &I consulting solution. We are committed to providing outstanding inclusion & diversity consulting services, knowledge and innovation.

8 Reasons to Choose Altavis Consulting as Your Diversity & Inclusion Partner:

  1. We provide credibility for your D&I initiative.
  2. We align your D&I initiative to the goals and objectives of your organization.
  3. We provide structures and systems to support your D&I process.
  4. We establish a D&I business-relevant shared vision.
  5. We help you to garner support and commitment for your D&I initiative
  6. We create standards and measures to track your diversity and inclusion progress.
  7. We provide “one stop shopping” that offers a large network of proven D&I professionals, knowledge, experience and solutions.
  8. We save you time and money by providing proven expertise and knowledge that eliminates “reinventing the wheel” while avoiding costly mistakes.

Altavis Consulting links D&I to the organization’s strategic goals. We customize every D&I solution to the specific needs of our client. Our Diversity and Inclusion Consulting is one of the six components of our overall diversity and inclusion strategy, which establishes a plan to close the gap between an organization’s current status and its vision of where it would like to be. We work with our clients to help them discover where they are and where they want to go. Sustainability is our core strength and philosophy. We handhold the organisation in their diversity journey till we see results and then handover to specialised teams for a seamless continuity. We have a highly engaged team of individuals passionate in the field of Diversity & Inclusion bringing their experience and skills which makes it uniquely diverse but also specific. We enable organizations in building a Business Case by offering a three-dimensional solution – Attract, Engage & Retain to address challenges in the areas of Gender, Generation, Culture & Sexual Preferences.

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