CSR Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a big term and a bigger task if carried out properly. There are many ways to define CSR but it essentially boils down to “building in a self-regulation into the business model to impact society in a positive manner”. It is a commitment of the organization to improve the quality of life for community and society at large.

The Business Bit of CSR

An exquisitely executed CSR speaks volumes about the values and integrity of the organization. CSR cannot be one standalone aspect of the organization. It needs to encompass all aspects of business and practices. All the stakeholders on board make way for CSR that is not on the surface but actually benefits business and its stakeholders.

How we can help

It’s not just the know-how, skills and avenues that we bring to the table; we bring a passion and enthusiasm that is unsurpassable. We at Altavis are committed to promoting CSR in India on a deeper level. It is our aim to help organizations work towards creating positive impact on community better.

We provide a number of platforms to access best practice and knowledge on CSR related issues. We work through workshops and seminars, campaigns and initiatives to promote awareness of CSR.

We assist you to understand the scope of CSR and develop a strategy that is perfect for your business in your ecosystem. We connect you to various causes and organizations working for those causes.

CSR Sustainability

Normally it’s all good when a CSR is initiated but sustaining it and improving it over time with changing social dynamics can prove a daunting challenge. CSR can be sustainable for long term only if it has both business and social impact. Business is formed of employees, customers and community.

Altavis Consulting helps you build a CSR strategy that takes into account all facets of your business and hence is sustainable.