D&I Discussion Starters

Altavis Consulting have carefully constructed 10 business-related caselets which can be discussed for 45 minutes with your team during meetings regarding leveraging diversity & inclusion for performance. These caselets have been constructed with the help of the research & conversations done in various organisations and are applied to real time business challenges.

Each of the diversity discussion starters makes for an engaging and job-relevant conversation that position diversity as a continuing critical business issue rather than a one-time training event.

Diversity Discussion Starters Benefits

  • Bite-sized diversity conversations applied to real time, day-to-day business issues
  • Energizing, inclusive, fun activities
  • Train the Meeting Leader process to prepare leaders with the “What” and “How” of leading the diversity conversations.

Diversity Discussion Starters Program Features

  • Easy for leaders to use
  • Can be incorporated into meetings anytime with any size group
  • Increases diversity and inclusion knowledge and confidence
  • Drives team decisions, changed behavior, coaching and mentoring
  • Turns diversity and inclusion learning from a program into a process by keeping the conversation and application alive
  • Extends the reach of the diversity manager
  • Builds diversity and inclusion capability across the organization

Diversity Discussion Topics

  • Diversity as a Critical Business Issue
  • Choosing Words That Value Diversity
  • Talking About Stereotyping and Judgments
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures
  • Creating Valuing Ground Rules for Team Discussions
  • Transforming the Workplace
  • Proactively Addressing Change
  • Exploring Dimensions of Diversity