Executive Search

Executive Search

With demographic shifts, advances in technology and communications, and globalization, diversity is no more just the “right thing to do”, it is a highly important business imperative. Researchers demonstrate that groups with greater diversity tend to perform better than homogeneous ones, even if the members of the homogeneous groups are more capable. In fact, the diversity of the group’s members matters as much as their ability and brainpower, if not more.

The competition for world-class professionals is always fierce.  At Altavis Consulting, we take time to understand your hiring needs and diversity agenda. Keeping the best of your organization’s interests in mind, we make sure that the candidate fits into the organization perfectly. That’s why more and more companies rely on us to find the diverse exceptional talent they need.

How we do it?

  • Research & Connections

The leadership team of Altavis has cumulative work experience in various sectors of over 75 years and come with high industry connects. Having clearly defined what we are looking for in an ideal candidate, we start our research and reach out to our network to get high quality referrals.

  • Candidate Screening  

Our initial interview process is quite stringent; it is what ensures that you only spend the time seeing qualified, motivated candidates. We carefully screen each candidate, and then conduct in-depth interviews (at least one in person/skype) and initial reference checks.

  • Offer and Negotiation

The last step is crucial. And, if you like, we can assist with the offer and negotiation process. For example, we can help you structure your offer to ensure acceptance. We can deliver the actual offer and serve as an intermediary if negotiation is necessary. We can objectively convey requests and requirements between your company and the candidate.


Why us?

  • Focus on Diversity Hiring with large pool of senior women talent
  • Access to hidden talent pool
  • Discreet and sensitive process
  • Intensive evaluation process in multiple stages
  • Vast experience in Industry sectors & Diversity related agenda
  • Employer Branding via representing client to a high quality talent pool