Generational Diversity

In any large organization, you are bound to find divisions, units, or work teams where at least four distinct generations are working side by side. Sociologists, psychologists, and everyday managers have identified important differences between these generations in the way they approach work, work/life balance, employee loyalty, authority, and other important issues. Teams with representation from different generations may face challenges like:

  • Effective communication
  • Managing conflict
  • Decision making

This Program seeks to uncover some of the basic characteristics of the generations in today’s workforce and discuss the relevance of these differences to organizational performance.Our Generational Diversity Programs are highly customized, and a typical agenda includes a presentation of multigenerational trends and industry-relevant case studies, discussions that generate practical “ah-ha!” moments, and exercises to help participants put it all in perspective.

We address these issues by using experiential learning methodology to promote understanding between different generations. These workshops are highly interactive. The simulations are designed keeping in mind age profile, team dynamics and requirements.

Stage I: Vision ideation (understanding each other’s perspective)

Stage II: Together we are (breaking ice, team formation, sharing)

In this interactive session, you will learn:

  • Who makes up the “Veteran” generation and how their influence and values still shape our current workforce.
  • How perceptions differ between older and younger workers in such areas as: loyalty, work ethics, work-life balance, and attitudes toward technology.
  • About the expectations of Millennials and how to successfully incorporate this next greatest generation into your workforce.