Inclusion in India Inc.

Biz Divas in partnership with IIM Ahmedabad organised a Research summit “Inclusion in India Inc” on 23rd January 2015 at IIM Ahmedabad campus. This Summit was a part of the first research study to understand ‘Inclusion’ specific to India which was followed with a Research Report.

The study aims to look at country specific inclusion around the following dimensions of diversity:

  • Regional & Societal
  • Gender & Generational
  • Geographical
  • Differently abled


Inclusion as a subject can be subjective as it is based on mind sets and values. The outcome of the study is to come out with a Research report intended to give clarity on

  • A common language and definition of Inclusion and its meaning to Indian Corporates
  • An outline of associated behaviours at the workplace leading to ‘Inclusion/Non Inclusion’ from a cultural and societal context
  • A summary of Challenges faced in organizations due to non-Inclusion
  • A list of possible solutions to make Inclusion work in India
  • A best practice story list of corporates who have done commendable work in Inclusion.

You can download the full report of “Inclusion in India Inc’ here