Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Many managers are good at what they do. But they want to be better leaders. They want to be more authentic, more inspiring, igniting passion and loyalty from the team around them. These managers often want to take their careers to the next level.

This course is designed for managers that realize the need to develop their leadership skills to take their career to the next level and also realize the need to develop their leadership skills for greater organizational effectiveness. In the 21st century a large part of leadership, according to several leading leadership frameworks, is dependent on emotional intelligence skills. This skill-set is developed through assessment, coaching, and training and begins by measuring one’s Emotional Quotient (EQ).

The Leading with Emotional Intelligence Course is very interactive with a lot of discussion, learning games, case study analysis, actual workplace examples, learning activities, self-reflection, and planning to apply the learning.

This course is appropriate to managers at all levels within organizations. Class sizes will be kept small with the ideal size of 12 – 16 participants, so you can expect some in-depth discussions about leadership issues with your peers.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed so participants will:

  • Understand why emotional intelligence is critical for leadership, team effectivness, customer service and sales
  • Learn to analyze and improve performance using emotional intelligence
  • Explore key leadership issues with peers
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for greater business results
  • Build confidence, authenticity, integrity, and the ability to inspire and ignite passion in others
  • Develop the skills of communication, influence, relationship building, and coaching
  • Generate a long-term strategy for self-development and overcoming barriers to change

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