Leveraging Cross Cultural Competencies

There are new challenges and opportunities for organizations embracing globalization. Today’s smart organizations know that to drive business results they must increase the cultural competency of their leaders. They must be able to motivate employees from various culture and language backgrounds and to do so virtually and across multiple time zones. This is a tough job for even the most talented and seasoned leader.

The Leveraging Cross Cultural Competencies program main objective is to design and provide customized cultural competency consulting tailored to the organisation’s  specific business challenges and opportunities. The common goal of these consultations is to build knowledge and skills for leveraging cultural competencies. Whether it was for leading diverse and multicultural teams or working more effectively with clients with a different culture or language, the purpose was to enhance relationships and to increase productivity, commitment, quality and profit.

Leveraging Cross Cultural Competencies Consulting Benefits

  • Gain a greater understanding of Diversity, Inclusion and Culture within their organization and why they are critical business success factors
  • Understand the Leader’s role in leading diverse teams and the key competencies required for team effectiveness
  • Gain and understanding of culture and its impact on interactions and team effectiveness
  • Build skills for communicating effectively across cultural and language differences
  • Apply skills and strategies in order to flexibly adapt leadership styles to create a workplace that is inclusive, innovative, engaging and where employees and teams are excelling