Managing your Executive Presence


We’ve all witnessed that moment when a leader walks into a room and instantly attracts intense, positive attention. The air shifts. Heads turn. People gravitate toward them in the conversation circle. In short, they have a wow” factor.The wow factor is often called “executive presence.” Executive presence is a blending of temperament, competencies, and skills that, when combined, send all the right signals. Leaders know they must embody executive presence to get ahead, influence others, and drive results. Leadership development professionals know they must help their executives develop it.

We’re often asked if there’s a starting point. Questions typically run the gamut from: “How do I know if I have IT?” — to — “What if I think I have EP but can’t be sure, how do I measure it?”

  1. Do I make a memorable First Impression when I’m introduced?
  2. Do people want to meet me and gravitate toward me when I enter a room?
  3. Do I optimize social opportunities to mingle and interact with people I’m meeting for the first time?
  4. Do I converse easily with diverse groups of individuals and move from introductions to networking and making connections?
  5. Do I understand Body Language — both the silent signals I read in others and send, myself?
  6. Do I utilize the appropriate guidelines of electronic and virtual communication?
  7. Do I consistently project a professional image at business functions?
  8. Do I effectively use my appearance and clothing to achieve the greatest effect?

Chances are, you probably need help in a couple of areas. Most do.

Whether you’re looking for an intensive, full-day, leadership presence training seminar or a half-day, power-packed, interactive workshop to deliver results, our turnkey programs help organizations forge inspiring and effective leaders.

Here’s a complete list of all the modules in our executive presence training program:

  • Introduction to EP & 1st Impressions
    • The motivating factors Why “Executive Presence”
    • The 4 Pillars of EP
    • The 3 Traits of Charismatic Presence
    • Personal Brand statement & Elevator Pitch
  • Body Language
    • Nonverbal Intelligence
    • The C’s of Body Language
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    • Introduction protocols and formulas
    • Conversation:Small talk, Power of Yes, Levity,
    • Talking tips do’s and don’ts
    • How to command and work any room
  • The Virtual Executive
    • Online & Offline Presence
    • Virtual Communications Ettiquette