Networking for Success


You are not one person. You are one person multiplied by the length and strength of your business network. Your business networking skills allow you to positively increase the number and depth of your relationships with other businesspeople.  Networking successfully is an essential skill in business. It allows professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their presence and do more business! In this full-day course, participants will learn how to present themselves so that people remember who they are and what value they offer, how to use a business card effectively, the importance of follow-up, and how to take their networking from ordinary to where they leverage reciprocity as well as the Internet.

This program can be customised for half day or full day. This will help you to:

  1. Perfect Your Pitch. In the first 30 seconds be more memorable, believable, and relevant
  2. Personal Brand statement. Take charge of your personal brand and how people perceive you.
  3. Connecting for Your Career. Take responsibility for your own career advancement by becoming proficient in business relationship building across your organization
  4. Networking for Success. Executives, partners, and business owners learn how to get more referrals, grow new business, and create more mutually beneficial opportunities through strategic networking

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