Our partner, Biz Divas Foundation has established itself as a leader in the field of diversity and inclusion in South Asia. We are dedicated to progressing the discussion on diversity, understanding the challenges and issues facing organisations in India. We create awareness on gender issues, inclusive culture,  generational differences, disability, sexual orientation & its impact in India Inc. We publish research and hold events around the region. In addition to providing member companies with access to our Research & Consulting, we provide diversity training for members and non-members including: facilitating focus group discussions, conducting company specific research on diversity, and developing diversity case studies for use in India.Biz Divas & Altavis relies on fact-based, scientific methods to find the answers. It’s why we are the most-trusted resource for knowledge on gender, leadership, and inclusive talent management in the business. Our recent report “Women on Boards” has influenced the decision makers in Govt & corporate levels to look at Corporate Best Practices at Boardroom level in a different lens.

Our next initiative in partnership with prestigious Business School IIM Ahmedabad, Inclusion in India Inc is a research to explore best practices of Diversity & Inclusion in Indian Corporates. This report would be published on 17th April at I INSPIRE.