The Cocoon – Maternity Coaching

Are you doing all you can to ensure your “maternity leavers” become “maternity returners”?

Organisations have found that policies are not enough to retain and support women talent at the crucial time of maternity. The need is for a comprehensive program that can support the employee right from when she is expecting to when she settles down in her work after return from leave. The aim is not only to retain but also ensure she is able to thrive at work even as a working mother.

Cocoon Program supports high-achieving women to successfully manage this important transition in the context of their professional lives. We work alongside market-leading organisations to improve retention and realise their diversity strategies.

Key issues faced by businesses and why Cocoon helps fill the gap:

  • “Brain drain” of female talent causing talent gap
  • Cost of losing women at their peak – training costs vary but one client put the costs to train to senior level at INR 20 Lacs.  A leading law firm client has seen retention rates improve after introducing maternity coaching from 78% to 90%.
  • Improves retention and helps support a faster return to full productivity post transition.
  • Importance of strong employer brand that attracts best employees

 The Cocoon program is unique in that it has been developed based on inputs from working mothers. The participants may include not only the expectant mother but also other members of her immediate work environment like her Manager, other expectant employees, a buddy and a counsellor from Altavis. We provide one-to-one coaching and workshop programmes to support businesses and employees before, during and after maternity.