Conduit – Stakeholder Management

Are you responsible for implementing a major change? Is everyone sold on the idea and actively supporting it? Change isn’t easy for people, but people are critical to the success of change. In fact, failure to gain their buy-in is the No. 1 reason why initiatives and projects fail. When leaders understand the theory of change and adopt the right constructs, skills, behaviors and tools, then they are able to influence those people positively and move the mountains they need to move.

Stakeholder Management is the process of managing the expectations of anyone that has an interest in the project or affects your career. This intensive course with an industry expert will cover the process of identifying and prioritising key stakeholders, determining their power & influence bases, different communication and interaction styles, strategies and tactics to resolve conflicts/

Key learning areas covered during this course include:

  • Understanding Stakeholder Management – the concepts and processes needed for success
  • Identifying and analysing your particular stakeholders and their needs and expectations
  • Developing a Stakeholder Management Strategy and formal Communication Plan
  • Discussion of proven strategies for dealing with different stakeholder types
  • Understanding the nature of conflict and different negotiation approaches
  • The challenges and realities of successfully managing stakeholder expectations.

This program is scheduled over  4 months with mix of classroom sessions, group sessions & one on one coaching.