Women in Leadership

In our renowned flagship program, women leaders learn how to reframe and resolve problems, translate learning into action, and develop their leadership presence to achieve groundbreaking results for themselves, their organizations and their communities. This fast-paced, highly-interactive session explores situations women face in today’s workplace while inspiring them to reach higher levels of personal effectiveness, growth and development. Participants identify ways to create partnerships across gender differences as well as ways to support each other as they build and sustain their careers. Specific concrete strategies for continued professional growth and development are provided along with next step action planning.

What if the secret to changing others begins with changing yourself?

Entrenched problems and difficulties don’t go away by pounding the same rocks harder. The real work starts within, by challenging rarely considered and long-standing perceptions and beliefs, and opening yourself up to new views and habits.

The leadership practices that result will transform your own life, your team, and your organization.

  • Three-day highly interactive, leadership development program
  • 1:1 coaching to build skills and sustain results
  • Application of real-time, real-life projects relevant to your situation
  • Our internationally recognized coaches guide your leadership practices
  • Alumni community of successful professional female peers
  • Ongoing monthly group coaching calls at no charge

What You Will Get From This Program

  • Learn and apply skills for producing breakthrough results.
  • Discover new ways to be an effective leader within an organization.
  • Discover that conclusions that are limiting you in achieving business results.
  • Learn communication skills that will allow you to inspire others to collaborate with you in achieving your goals and meeting your business objectives.
  • Forge lasting relationships with other men & women who can partner with you in achieving your goals and create a powerful community of resources and support.

We offer open-enrollment, cross-industry and cross-sector training programs as well as in-house programs for dedicated teams or across functions. Many clients prefer the in-house option.

For further details & pricing, please write to info@altavis.co.in